Phuket Town

At first glance a rather unspectacular provincial capital, Phuket Town has a lot to offer. Especially the historic part of the city with its buildings in the Sino-Portuguese style, are worth a visit.

In recent years, a lot has been done to beautify this part of the island. The ugly power lines, which are everywhere, were removed and laid underground, so that the buildings can now be seen better. In many of the old buildings new life has arrived and there are many small pubs, restaurants and studios. In between there are still old Chinese shops, such as pharmacies and print shops.

Particularly worth seeing are the Thalang Road, soi Rommanee and the Chinese shrine Jui Tui. Another tip is: the Chinpracha House on Krabi Road is a 19th-century mansion. In the 19th century, the governor lived. It is kept in its original condition and is inhabited by the owner family. The ground floor can be visited.

If you’re into nightlife, Phuket Town has not only many small bars, but plenty of discotheques and live music pubs, especially the ones you’re looking for. visited by a young Thai audience.

  • Opening hours: 24/7 daily or whenever you want.
  • How to get there: As the island’s capital, all roads somehow lead to Phuket Town. There are buses from all beaches that go to the city.
  • By taxi: Every taxi driver knows the way to Phuket Town. 
  • Tip: Every Sunday there is a market in Thalang Road, the centre of the old town. For this purpose, the road is closed and declared a pedestrian zone. There are food, live music and many stalls with handmade goods