Bangla Road

Sex tourism, prostitution, beer bars, discotheques and ladyboys (kathoeys) is usually the first description when you ask someone about Patong. There is a lot of talk and talk about the nightlife in Phuket and its biggest spot. So what’s closer than looking at it for yourself.

This is absolutely not a problem, because here you can see people from all corners of the world, married couples and families looking at the action. Even as a woman or couple, it is no problem to sit in one of the bars, have a beer and watch the action. Bangla
Road is a road that leads from the beach to the central main street of Patong, it is crammed with bars and discotheques.

It has a lot of side streets that are crammed with other bars. There are A Gogos with pole dancers, various shows, such as Ping Pong shows, which are openly advertised, but which you don’t necessarily have to do.

Also very interesting is the street with the Katoeys, the ladyboys. Here the inexperienced asks the question, who is a man and who is a woman.

  • Opening hours: There is not much going on during the day, the street is open to traffic. From 6 p.m. it starts to fill with life. From 1 a.m. the bars close, discos are partly open until 04-05 in the morning (despite curfew!)
  • How to get there: In the middle of Patong. Everyone knows the place. Not to be missed.
  • By taxi: Every taxi driver knows the way to Bangla Road.
  • Tip: As a neutral observer, the best time to visit is from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. The bars and the street is well felt, so there is a lot to see. But the alcohol levels are still low, so no incidents can be expected, as late in the evening.