Thai Boxing – Muay Thai

Thai national sport is a separate form of kickboxing, in which the elbows and knees can also be used. The fighters often beat the opponent very persistently with the knee into the kidney area, which seems very exhausting. Many fights end with Knockout. In addition to the fights, the preparation of the fighters in the ring is also worth seeing. Each boxer performs his own “dance”, the so-called ” Wai Khru, with whom the coach is paid respect.

In most fights you can also watch the Thai spectators betting. This is not done loudly, but with your fingers. In Patong, a man walks through the stadium and takes bets. Fights can be seen in Patong and Chalong. The fights in Patong usually offer the best fighters. The first fights are children and adolescents and only the main fights are by adults.

  • Opening hours: Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Patong, from 9 p.m., every Friday in Chalong from 8 p.m.
  • How to get there: Bangla Boxing
    Stadium is located in Patong in the Soi Sainamyen. Bangla Boxing Stadium in Patong is located at Jungceylon Shopping Centre opposite Banzaan Market.Chalong Stad
    ium is located towards Phuket Town at the traffic lights where it goes to the right to Phuket Zoo.
  • By taxi: Every taxi driver knows the way to the stadiums.
  • Tip: There are different tickets. Ringside and standard. The former are significantly more expensive, but only a few meters closer. So it doesn’t really bring much to pay the extra charge.